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What can I expect from an equine assisted mental health session?

In an equine assisted mental health session you can expect to feel safe and supported throughout the session, both by the therapists and the horses that are there for you. A qualified counsellor who specialises in equine assisted mental health will facilitate … Continue reading

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I just want to be an equine assisted therapist, why do I need counselling skills?

So, you want to be an Equine Assisted Mental Health practitioner or Equine Assisted Therapist, or Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator and you want to help people, but you don’t want to be a counsellor. Equine Assisted Therapy is an amazing … Continue reading

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What is Equine Assisted Mental Health?

Equine Assisted Mental Health is a healing treatment that combines credentialed mental health professionals and one or more therapeutic horses. Through grooming the horse or other beneficial activities, clients are supported and guided in learning more about themselves, working through … Continue reading

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