Family sessions

  • Does it feel like your family members are always arguing and fighting?
  • Do you feel lost and exhausted – you don’t know what else you can do?
  • Does it feel like your family is breaking apart?

In a herd, every horse is significant and special. Each horse has a distinct place and important function within the herd. The same is true with a family; each member of the family is valuable, important, and is irreplaceable in the group.

Sometimes, due to the busyness of life, we forget how nourishing and essential we are to each other. Equine Therapy family sessions help each member of the family to feel heard, to understand his or her important place in the unit, and to see how crucial each person is to the effectiveness of the family.

With your family’s unique objectives in mind, we design our Equine Therapy family sessions to be fun, safe, and inclusive. Your family will learn communication strategies and ways to relate to one another that are effective and serve to strengthen your bonds.

Dates and session times will be coordinated at time of booking. Family sessions run are $220 per 2 hour session. Sessions are available after school hours as well as on weekends.

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