Individual sessions

Do you feel stuck in your life?
Does being in a room with a counsellor feel too confronting?
Is it easier for you to relate to animals than to people?
Are you worried about what might come up for you?
Have you tried lots of different approaches and nothing has helped you?
Equine Therapy may be for you! It is a gentle approach to therapy outside with horses supporting you in your session.

Work with what is happening for you now
Become more aware of yourself and your beliefs
Uncover your patterns and behaviours
Understand the ways you are holding yourself back or getting stuck

We support individuals, couples, and families with a unique, trauma informed, personalised approach to support and guide them in their desires to change or enhance aspects of their lives. People of all ages can benefit from Equine Assisted Therapy with issues as diverse as managing depression or anxiety, relationship issues, gaining personal or professional clarity, or healing from trauma.

Services Offered

Equine Assisted Therapy Australia offers different services and different service providers to suit your unique requirements.

Equine assisted therapy sessions

In these sessions you are supported by a mental health practitioner to explore and work on your issues alongside one or more of our team of horses. These sessions may involve handling the horses, grooming the horses, just hanging out with the horses or riding, practitioners may draw upon nature based experiences and art therapy as well. These sessions are offered by Sherilee Melenewycz, David Smith and Jane Faulkner.

Equine assisted journey sessions

Horses intuitive nature and genuineness assist humans to see areas in their lives where they may be not 100% congruent with who they are and what they want. Many times our limitations come from past experiences and emotional issues. Combining horses innate ability to show us these inconsistencies with Journey tools is a powerful way to clear the past issues so that we are free to be our own authentic self.  These sessions are held in the paddock and are facilitated by Megan Bardsley.

Equine assisted meditation sessions

Horses have partnered with humans for thousands of years teaching us how to be present in each moment. Their very survival depends upon this awareness and intuition. Being with horses and observing this intuitive intelligence we can begin to connect with our own. In this meditation session being present with the horse helps us to slow down our external busy mind and become present to our own inner intelligence. This unique approach supports us to find our own quiet and stillness within, allowing us to more effectively connect with ourselves and others. A mindfulness practice like no other this is an effective way to deal with stress and anxiety.  These sessions are held in the paddock and facilitated by Megan Bardsley.

Room based therapy sessions

We also offer room based therapy sessions with any of our therapists. Jane offers Gestalt therapy and art therapy room based sessions. Megan offers room based Journey sessions.

Session prices; 1 hour sessions are $185 and 2 hour sessions are $370.Our sessions are held in the Tallebudgera Valley and you can book online through the Book a Session button above or email


‘It is difficult to describe in words the transformative experience I had working with Jane Faulkner. It deepened my connection to self and the beautiful horses she works with. Jane is very authentic and experienced in her work; she is a Master in her field! I experienced a deepened connection with myself and felt fully integrated and held. I took my power back, which is something, the horses brought to my awareness throughout the session. Jane’s groundedness and sensitivity combined with her skills as a therapist were perfect for me. Thank you Jane, I will always remember your support and the horses showing me who I really am and can be.’

Dawn, Professional, Brisbane

‘My sincere thank you to Jane (and her beautiful horses) for her help in directing me to find some much needed clarity, from a mind that felt like a washing machine. Jane helped me take those first steps towards identifying and working out how to overcome certain obstacles in my life. The process of equine therapy left me with invaluable tools that I can take with me and draw upon to keep moving towards the direction I want to be headed in life. Jane has such a gentle and professional nature that made me feel comfortable to let go and trust in the process. I highly recommend this remarkable and grounding experience to anyone and everyone.’

Jane, Lawyer, Gold Coast

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