The benefits of Equine Assisted Mental Health sessions

Effective communication skills
Healthy coping mechanisms
Skills to support healthy nourishing relationships
Self-worth and self-esteem
Self-regulation and responsibility
Skills for life
Leadership and parenting skills
Decreased Anxiety

‘I am not sure what happened yesterday:) I have done work on myself over the last 18 months but yesterday was something completely different. I am actually left speechless and spell bound by the process. As much as I have received bodywork on the journey, it is very different to be with the horses in my body. It was like learning a new language and I am not sure whether I even understood the “hello”.

I have read and been told that people are our mirrors, but somehow with people, the mind is still able to hijack the reflections and create its own picture. With the horses, my mind was actually lost and confused for a while, and so it did shut off – this rarely happens during my daily life. I work on observing the thoughts and on better days can consciously cultivate a more positive one, or even rephrase the concept all together to direct the thinking in a new direction, but mostly I find it tricky to stay in my body and in my heart and all the should’s, would’s, and beliefs in the mind distract me from just being.

Yesterday, I felt like I was in an in between zone. Not in my mind, but not in my body all the time, as it seems that it is a foreign experience to me!

I really feel that being with the horses is a wonderful and powerful form of therapy and practice as the head for once has to move out of the way.

I am grateful to have had the chance to experience your session and I would love to come back again to see what can happen further.

Anne and I had a talk on the way home about it being ok to feel sad. That Phoenix was not worried about that at all, that it was the discord in pretending that all was well rather than acknowledging the feelings that would upset him. I am so pleased by this for Anne and me, because I think that it is a natural tendency in us, and maybe in many others, to pretend that the reality is different from how we feel. I feel that now that she has permission to feel sad, she is actually feeling lighter today.

Authenticity being such a big word going around the spiritual sites. Being with the horses, it is the only thing required. It is very simple there.

I feel that your practice is amazing in the true sense of the word. I wish you so much love and blessings. It truly feels so special.

Thank you again for your time, generosity, wisdom and love.

Lots of love, Ivana’

Ivana, Mother, Brisbane 

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