Have you tried lots of different approaches but nothing seems to help?

Equine Assisted Therapy could be for you.

A gentle approach to therapy with horses supporting you in your session


Equine assisted mental health sessions provide participants with a safe and calm experience.  Working with the horses can be a powerful experience, every session is different and every horse is different. Some sessions with the horses may feel supportive and nurturing and some sessions may be confronting and challenging, both experiences provide information to help grow and learn from.

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    Participants state that equine assisted therapy sessions have supported them in developing:

    • Effective communication skills
    • Healthy coping mechanisms
    • Skills to support healthy nourishing relationships
    • Confidence
    • Self-worth and self-esteem
    • Self-awareness
    • Self-regulation and responsibility
    • Skills for life
    • Leadership and parenting skills
    • Decreased Anxiety

    Helping people live mentally healthier lives

    What will I learn?

    You will develop the knowledge and skills required to work as an equine assisted mental health practitioner with clients on personal and psychological issues. This includes learning how to build rapport and create a safe therapeutic environment for clients to explore and work on issues. It also involves learning how to safely, meaningfully and therapeutically bring the horses into the work in a way that supports the clients healing process and also honours the horse.

    You will learn how to help the client to become aware of patterns, beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve them. You will have the skills to work somatically to invite the client to start to get curious about their body and to learn to live authentically in the present. You will  develop the skills and knowledge to work in a trauma informed way to support people through crises and to safely hold space for their experience.You will also learn a lot about yourself!

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    Our mission is to empower and inspire individuals through connection

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    Why work with horses?

    Horses value and respond to authentic connections, so we are encouraged to feel safe and embrace all of who we are in their presence. Horses are naturally grounded, aware, and connected; being around them encourages us to be the same.  They value trusting relationships with their herd, which can include the people around them. They are exceptionally perceptive of people’s feelings and use that information in order to decide how to behave.

    Horses provide space for us to be in line with our true natures and allow us to try new things without incurring judgment.  They offer unbiased, effective, and immediate feedback to us in response to our behaviours and our choices.

    Providing support to others is a gift.