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Become an Equine Assisted Mental Health Practitioner


Our comprehensive counselling and equine assisted mental health course will equip you with a diverse set of skills to offer clients and employers. This extensive, trauma informed and hands-on approach to horse handling means that you will be qualified to work outside with horses, or in a traditional room-based counselling environment.

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    Help to support people through the toughest times of their life. You will learn invaluable skills such as:

    • Communication skills
    • How to relate to others
    • How to hold space for someone in crisis
    • How to work with people with different issues
    • How to support clients to live healthier lives
    • How to empower people through teaching them skills for life.
    • How to safely handle and manage horses in a therapeutic equine assisted mental health services environment.

    You will also learn a lot about yourself!

    You will learn how to support others and assist them in helping themselves.

    What is equine assisted mental health practice?

    Equine assisted mental health is an exciting, emerging field and offers potential to both clients and therapists. This therapy is an effective and rewarding way to work with people of all ages, and from all walks of life.

    Equine assisted mental health involves the counsellor working with a horse, or a herd of horses, to assist clients in working through their issues and becoming aware of their responses and behaviours. Sessions can provide therapy, support and learning for corporate groups, families, couples, individuals, teens and children.

    With equine assisted mental health, no two sessions are the same. Sessions can be very creative and are tailored to the client’s needs, whilst respecting the horse.

    Our mission is to empower and inspire individuals through connection.

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    Horses are amazing co-counsellors

    Horses value relationships and are honest communicators, providing clear feedback. They are also highly perceptive and respond immediately to our body language.

    As prey animals, horses have a highly developed level of awareness and the ability to sense their surroundings. Horses apply this level of perception and awareness in their interactions with people. They respond and give feedback to what is presented, providing a calm, respectful space for us to explore our relationships and ourselves.

    Horses are also non-judgemental companions, they accept us and provide a space to just be yourself, a space to relax and feel heard and seen. Horses are great teachers and they naturally embody presence and awareness.

    You too can help provide therapy and support for families, couples, individuals, teens and children.