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What can I expect from an equine assisted mental health session?

In an equine assisted mental health session you can expect to feel safe and supported throughout the session, both by the therapists and the horses that are there for you. A qualified counsellor who specialises in equine assisted mental health will facilitate … Continue reading

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5 Steps to take charge of your own well-being

Many of us have all kinds of excuses about why we don’t look after ourselves. I notice that many of my clients put so much pressure on themselves that they make it impossible to start or they start but they … Continue reading

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9 Simple Ways to look after yourself!

Many of us are such givers, we give everything and some of us give so much that we start to lose ourselves! This trait is embedded in our conditioning: to always help others and to put ourselves last. However, this way … Continue reading

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Understand how your personal values and beliefs affect your decisions and behaviour

Our personal values and beliefs have a powerful affect upon our lives. We often form our beliefs about our world and ourselves when we are very young- sometimes before we have learnt to talk! These beliefs guide our life and … Continue reading

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Equine Assisted Therapy for kids

Equine Therapy is a great form of therapy for kids, it provides many benefits including: kids generally love to be outside, they get to talk to a therapist about their problems and take part in exercises and play games to … Continue reading

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How do horses help us to heal?

Horses help people to become more aware of themselves and their feelings. Continue reading

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Equine Assisted Therapy to help heal relationship trauma.

Rose was a 65-year-old woman who had a history of severe child sexual abuse and trauma. She had gone through life without being able to maintain healthy relationships and was single and felt lonely when we met. She had done … Continue reading

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How does Equine Assisted Therapy help people with depression?

Depression can be a very isolating, lonely condition and generally humans need other humans- we are wired for relationship. This is where working with horses is so beneficial- they are also wired for relationship and provide non-judgemental, caring support and honest feedback in a therapy session. Continue reading

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How does Equine Assisted Mental Health help with anxiety?

Anxiety can be a debilitating condition that can seriously restrict life and make simple things like leaving the house or getting to work or school difficult. Having anxiety may mean that you feel angry and lash out at others, or … Continue reading

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Equine Assisted Therapy to work with Boundaries, the how, the where and the why??

Boundaries, the how, the where and the why?? Continue reading

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