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Jane Faulkner testimonial-profile-2

Jane supports, challenges, and guides you. She empowers you to live your best life and to walk in awareness and compassion. She has worked with all kinds of people from corporate CEO’s seeking career coaching and support through to teens feeling stuck, frustrated, and lost.

Jane draws upon years of training, study, and her own journey to assist you in your life. She works with Gestalt therapy, Equine assisted psychotherapy, mindfulness techniques, art therapy, yogic philosophy, and horsemanship to support you.

Jane was diagnosed with PCOS and had severe acne, low self-esteem, and chronic fatigue syndrome throughout her teenage years. This led to an exploration of many different modalities of healing, travelling around the world in search of health and wellness. Jane’s personal journey has given her an empathy and insight into others. She provides a gentle, grounded space for people to explore and discover more about themselves, their stuck places, beliefs, and patterns.

Jane started her career as a Registered Nurse and worked in the hospital setting and community both here and overseas. During her career as a nurse, she supported people through the difficult transitions of illness, grief and loss, death, birth, trauma, and mental health issues. Jane has a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy, a Bachelor of Nursing, a Certificate in Initiatic Art Therapy, a Certificate in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, she is also a Certified Riding Instructor and Trail Guide.

Yoga is an integral part of her life, she is a Certified Iyengar Teacher and continues to study and teach in the Iyengar yoga tradition. She is an accomplished teacher, therapist, and facilitator and has led many women’s groups and Day Retreats, presented seminars and workshops, and worked with many different community groups.

Angie Wicks testimonial-profile

Angie Wicks has had a strong passion and love for horses since she was a young child.   She spent her childhood riding before and after school and on most weekends.  She got regular riding lessons and attended Pony Club as a child.  As a teenager, she was also competing in Hacking and Dressage. Angie was intrigued by the psychology of horses, so she started to study Parelli Natural Horsemanship after finishing school in 1999.

After graduating from University with a Bachelor of Education she spent a year living with Mel Fleming and Steve Byrne at Tamworth to further her knowledge and skills.  Parelli was a good introduction to natural horsemanship, but she has also studied a lot of other horsemanship training techniques over the past sixteen years and has had experience handling and teaching hundreds of different horses on the ground.  Angie can create a strong connection and partnership with individual horses on the ground in a very short time. Angie has comprehensive knowledge of problem solving, young horse handling, understanding horse behaviour, breaking in under saddle, and liberty training.  Her talent has been developed to a high level and is applied to all the horses that are Started Under Saddle at John Wicks Training Stables. She is also passionate about teaching people practical ground work skills, as it makes such a huge difference to the enjoyment of owning a horse.

Angie is currently competing in Reining but has also trained and ridden at FEI level Dressage on her beautiful big warmblood Northern Invader.

“You never stop learning. You learn a lot from other people, every discipline, and every horse you deal with.  We are very fortunate to do what we love for a living.”

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