How to lower your stress levels in 5 minutes

So many of us are stressed right now, we are running from one thing to another chasing our tails! We have forgotten how to relax and find the positives in life. Being around horses helps remind us to breath and be in our bodies. Here are some strategies that we teach in our Equine Assisted Therapy sessions:

– Breathe deep, whenever you feel your self and your anxiety or stress levels increase take 5- 10 deep slow breaths

– Allow yourself to take a few big sighs- these help release tension

– Get present- really notice your exact surroundings, the chair you are sitting on, the leaves on the trees, the colour of the walls; bring yourself back to the here and now

– Allow yourself to feel- the deep breathing may bring up feelings of sadness and you may become emotional- allow this, tears are great, they are a release

– Scan through your body, notice how it feels, is it tense and tight or numb, just be curious, try not to judge what you find there, when you find areas of tension or pain see if you can stay with this feeling, be curious about it’s message for you

– Talk to someone, let someone know that you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, angry, scared, or whatever the feeling is that you are experiencing

– Name it to Tame it- name the feeling even just to yourself to tame the feeling. When we name the feeling we own the feeling and we are then able to track back to when and where the feeling started and why we felt that way in that situation.
We are then able to meet the need of the feeling and find solutions to help us in the situation.

These are simple, yet powerful strategies to assist you in daily life. We live in a culture that doesn’t encourage the expression of feelings or vulnerability so for many of us when feelings arise we don’t know what to do.
Allow yourself the time and space to take deep breaths, relax regularly and to walk gently through your life.

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