What Can I Expect From an EATA Session?

In an EATA session you can expect to feel safe and supported throughout the session, both by the therapists and the horses that are there for you. A qualified counsellor who specialises in Equine Assisted Therapy will facilitate your session.

Together, we will begin to focus on your goals for therapy at a pace with which you are comfortable; you are the priority. You will meet the horses with the counsellor and the session may involve you grooming the horses, leading the horses, playing with the horses, simply being with the horses or even engaging with the horses from outside the paddock. You are invited to explore and engage at your own pace and your safety and comfort are our top concerns.

Sessions will take place outside in the fresh air, and one or more horses will participate in the session. The horses are specially trained to be calm, safe horses. The horses respond to every person differently, equine therapy isn’t about analysing the horses response it’s about working with what happens for you when the horses respond to you in the way that they do. You will come to see why we so value their authentic contribution.



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